3 Day Eviction Notice


A 3 Day Eviction Notice Is Defective If It Is Improperly Delivered To The Residential Tenant

In addition to the highly technical details that must be strictly complied with in connection with the substance of the 3 Day Eviction Notice, Florida law also mandates that the notice of eviction be properly delivered to the tenant.

LANDLORD RIGHTS TIP: With the foregoing in mind, the landlord is well served to hire a private process server to serve the 3 Day Eviction Notice upon the tenant. This method has the added advantage of evidentiary support in the event the tenant claims that the notice of eviction was improperly served or not delivered at all.

CAUTION: If the landlord chooses to mail the legal eviction notice to the tenant, the landlord must add five additional days to the grace period. A failure to do so will make the 3 Day Eviction Notice legally insufficient.